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Ski-Resort or Ski-Safari?

Guest Blog by Viscount Chilston   For the record, I’ve been on one African safari and two, nearly three but that’s another tale, ski safaris. Apart from the vital ingredients of being away from the crowds, having the environment to yourself, staying somewhere different every night, without the need to trek miles off the beaten track, reassuringly […]

Posted on 27.11.2014 in the News category.

"I’m in my 60s. My idea of a good days ski is ..."

Guest Blog by David Lloyd-Edwards   “I had heard about the Dolomite Ski Safaris and all that stuff about nights in little huts on top of mountains and early morning starts and and frankly it didn’t really appeal.   I’m in my 60s and my idea of a good days ski is a late leisurely […]

Posted on 26.11.2014 in the News category.

"Inspired ITALY did a tremendous job... You guys rock. We so appreciated your dual guiding for speedy Allison and not so speedy Mary so that we could both enjoy skiing at our own levels. Thank you."

Mary C Hinckley - Tailor Made Ski Safari

“A terrific week’s ski touring, Emma and I enjoyed it so much, and the variety of accommodation, food, language – even visibility – all contributed to a very rich and memorable experience.”

Iain Boyd on a Dolomites Ski Safari

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