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2018 Dolomites Ski Safari Schedule

Choose from 16 Dolomites Ski Safari weeks with 109 places

2018 Dolomites Ski Safari Schedule ➤

 …756461… ONLY 50 Places Now Available

UPDATED: 12 July, 10:30hrs: More than 55% SOLD


For 2018, Inspired ITALY is proposing to run two Special Dolomites Ski Safaris exclusively for ‘existing clients’ — FULLY BOOKED —

Full details will follow soon. The new itinerary is to include a full week on the mountain 5 nights, new areas, two new refuges and a helicopter transfer! As well as some of the old favourites, there are a number of exiting new runs.

2018 Dolomites Ski Safari Schedule ➤

Congratulations to Christine & Nick from Australia who are first to book for 2018.

Inspired Italy dolomites ski safari

Inspired ITALY’s Dolomites Ski Safari in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Feb. 2017



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