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Europe's Best Ski Vacation Destinations

Skiing in Italy, particularly the Dolomite Mountains, is one of the greatest pleasures you can ever experience as a winter sports enthusiast.

Whether you are planning a long ski vacation to Europe or a short weekend break, one of the best ways to explore the Dolomites Mountains is a guided Dolomite Ski Safari, a week long ski tour on groomed trails and spending four nights on the mountain in cosy refuges.


Italian Dolomite Mountains Ideal Location

The Dolomite Mountains, one of Europe’s best ski vacation destinations, borders Italy and Austria and is easy to get to due to its central European location. A massive investment in snow making equipment by the various resorts, demonstrates the area’s dedication to the ingenious use of technology with 97% of runs covered by the 4,600 snow canons. The twelve ski areas and 20 mountain sections combine to operate as one, seamless ski resort.

Some amazing Dolomites ski statistics:

  • 750 miles of prepared runs covering an area of approximately 3,000 sq.Km. Consider that Whistler Blackcomb, North Americas largest ski resort, covers just!!

  • 324 snow cats

  • 450 ski lifts on one ski pass

  • Piste gradients are, Blue: 30, Red:60, Black:10 %


The Dolomites Mountain range is a top European ski destination among winter sport lovers and has been for over three decades. And the statistics prove it; 2014/15 season saw over 9 million ski passes sold resulting in 137 million ski lift rides and more than 239 million skied kilometres!

The great ski slopes, plenty of sunshine, the pale coloured mountains and spectacular morning and evening light shows, delicious food typical of the region at local cafés and restaurants, create the charm and allure of this unique and beautiful UNESCO World Heritage area.

The warm ski village atmosphere is one of the best-loved features of the Dolomites, and visitors are always treated by local residents and business owners as if they have lived there forever.
dolomites_ski_safari.010Cuisine and Food, Eating and Drinking in the Dolomites

Few areas boast such high quality of cuisine as the Dolomite ski region. Centuries of slowly shifting cultural change, the Mediterranean influence and the past isolation of the areas have created a deep passion for food. Sit high upon the mountain in a small, cosy and quiet refuge and be served with heavenly dishes, from a unique ‘Hugo’ aperitif, through the anti-pasta and all the way to the home made digestive, a pine nut grappa!

Favourite dishes of the South Tyrol and Ladin cuisine include goulash and polenta, Kaiserschmarren (sweet pancake with bilberry jam), eggs, speck and potatoes, canederli (dumplings) and gulasch, penne alla pastora (shepherdess’s pasta) and apple strudel with vanilla sauce.

New_Rif.018Dolomites Top Choice Among International Ski Fans

Whether you reside in the United Kingdom, Australia or the USA, you will quickly discover that skiing in the Dolomites is one of the most enjoyable skiing networks in the world, as well as being the largest. Named after the pale limestone rock of which the mountains are comprised, the area boasts over 12 outstanding ski resorts all connected by more than 450 modern ski lifts. 

There is simply no place else in the world that offers access to such a wide range of skiing, covering so broad an expanse of terrain.

On your ski vacation, you will quickly discover that no two days of skiing in the Dolomites are the same, which is another reason for the region’s popularity. The average daily distance skied was 25.5km /15 miles and in a typical ski week, each skier used the same lift just over twice in the whole week!

Guided Ski Trip Benefits

On a multi-day, guided skiing tour, you ski from one ski resort to the next, using the vast network of ski runs and ski lifts along the way. You do not have to worry about hiking, skinning up or snowshoeing. Rather, all you do is move from the ski lift to your next adventure. You are guaranteed to enjoy the different accommodation, as you travel from one ski mountain to the next.


Guided Trips Offer Peace of Mind

You enjoy complete peace of mind when you book a guided Dolomites Ski Safari, as these ski vacation packages are put together by experts with over 8,000 ski miles of pure Dolomites ski experience. The Dolomites Ski Safari vacation packages provide a superb blend of terrains, exciting and comfortable lodging, delicious fare and most importantly, expert guidance as you travel from valley to valley. 

Ski trips of this kind are the ideal choice for anyone planning a ski vacation in Europe.

An Italian Dolomite Ski vacation is a cultural experience with an emphasis on delectable wines, social skiing, and discovery, getting close to the area’s incredibly friendly local residents and deep into the valleys.

If your goal is to make the most of your time in the Dolomites, you should book a guided ski tour vacation in this fun and exciting area of the world.








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